AI powered marketing compliance.

Regspot provides AI assisted compliance review of marketing materials and 24×7 monitoring for financial services companies.

Simplify Compliance. Enhance outcomes.

  • Compliance co-pilot to get marketing copy first time right
  • Get content out 4x faster
  • Seamless integration with your existing content creation tools e.g. Google documents
  • Verifiable audit trails for audits & regulatory examinations
  • Turbocharges relationship with legal and compliance teams

Features every compliant organization needs

RegSpot AI is packed with powerful features to help you streamline your compliance management.

Co-pilot for compliant marketing content

Fix compliance errors before sending the document for review reducing the number of touches required for approval

AI assisted risk scoring and document reviews.

Accelerate document reviews with AI taking a first pass and free up time to focus on more strategic items

Verifiable audit trails.

Automated audit trails to sail through internal audits and regulatory examinations

24x7 real-time compliance monitoring.

Monitor any compliance violations and send and track remediation requests
Regspot is a marketing compliance platform for financial services companies
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